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Non-Black Muslims Don’t Want To Marry Me. I Don’t Care.

A few days ago the recent apology of ICNA President Naeem Baig was posted to Facebook:

naeembaig Mistake, eh?

When I first heard about the questionnaire and the apology that followed, I must admit I wasn’t necessarily vexed about it. The apprehension and down right refusal of some non-black Muslims to marry black Muslims is an age old issue that has plagued the Muslim community for a looooong time. Truthfully, the discussion on interracial relationships isn’t unique to the Muslim community as it’s quite the hot topic in the African American community. Br. Naeem’s reminder speaks toward the racial unity that Islam teaches. However when cultures come into play, opinions change and folks don’t truly want to get to know you.

When discussing interracial relationships, especially in the African American community, we have to look at the different factors. It’s one thing to be attracted to someone from another race because you…

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