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The Harm Behind “Harmless” Jokes About Black Women and Girls


Twitter is a lot of things.

Twitter is an accessible app for anyone with a mobile phone. It’s diverse. It’s expansive. There’s different sections of twitter. There’s Black Twitter. There’s Feminist Twitter. There’s Hip-Hop Head Twitter. There’s Ashy Twitter. The list goes on. There’s different views and opinions all over Twitter but one thing Twitter is for sure is a cesspool of ignorance that is reflective of society.

One thing society continues to make clear is their disdain and disregard for black women. This is shown in how black women and girls are dragged through the mud on Twitter by any and everyone but mostly by cishet black men.

Twitter, last night, was a mess. There was a picture of animated girls with various shades  of skin floating around Twitter. At first it was harmless. Captions of the photo were “What shade are you?” and people would answer with which…

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