My Friday Gratitude this week is babies/ children.

Alhamdulilah on Sunday I attended the Light Upon Light Conference at Excel which was amazing and extremely beneficial.  One of the sisters sitting next to me in the afternoon was holding a baby who kept tugging at my hijab – despite her mum telling her to keep her hands to herself –  and smiling at me.  She was constantly laughing and smiling and I could not take my eyes off her. If she wanted to tug at my hijab all day, I would have gladly let her. Masha Allah, her smile is definitely one of the highlights of my week and it made me so happy that I couldn’t stop smiling back. I asked about her name and her mum told me it was Hannah. Fun fact: Hannah means ‘grace’ and it is also the name of the Mother of Maryam May Allah be pleased with her.

Subhan’Allah children remind so much of the miraculous nature of our creation and of Allah’s name ‘Al-Khaliq’ (The creator).

In the Qur’an Allah SWT says,

Verily We created man from a product of wet earth; then placed him as a drop (of seed) in a safe lodging; then We fashioned the drop into a clot, then We fashioned the clot into a little lump, then We fashioned the little lump into bones, then clothed the bones with flesh, and then produced it another creation. So blessed be Allah, the Best of Creators!” (Qu’ran 23:12-14)

Children also remind me to be grateful for the love and protection of Allah at all the different points in my life, right from my creation in the womb to this moment. Allah SWT is ‘Ar-Rahman’ (The Merciful)  and ‘Al-Hafiz’ (The Protector). Looking at Hannah reminded me of a period where I couldn’t have had the ability to understand or recognise Allah’s love and protection nonetheless be able to express that gratitude through speech. The gift of speech and understanding of language is so powerful that we can never be grateful enough for it.

So which of the favors of your Lord would you deny? (Qur’an 55:13)

Dear Hannah,

Thank you for reminding me of Allah’s blessings and In sha Allah maybe you’ll come across this post one day when you’re older.



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