5 Ways I know I’m an Introvert

I’ve finished exams for about 2 weeks and during that period I can count how many times I’ve left my house on one hand. I realised this today when I had to leave my house to see a friend and collect a book and it had me thinking about the other reasons I know I am an introvert.

PS: In my case it’s slightly confusing because a lot of people tend to think I am an extrovert which is absolutely not true.

1. I enjoy having time to myself / Best thinking is when I’m by myself 

Everyone tends to enjoy spending time with themselves but mine is different. I feel complete bliss and joy when I am at home having me time. Introverts tend to be homebodies and this is the perfect description for me! While I do enjoy spending time with other people my preference is always staying at home. I feel like it is wired into me. My idea of a perfect day is always indoors doing whatever I want either cooking, curling up with a good book, writing or watching something. So it’s not much of a surprise that I haven’t traveled a lot.

2. Introverts are selectively social 

What does selectively social even mean? In my case it means that I’m not a big fan of huge gatherings. While some people thrive on that, it’s my worst nightmare. I’m okay if it’s a group of 6 – 8 friends but gatherings like parties with strangers are not my thing. In the rare case that I go to one,  I tend to stick with people that I know rather than make an active effort to meet new people. Huge gatherings is also one of the reasons why networking sessions scare me. I find them disingenuous at times even though Alhamdulilah I’m getting better at it. So when I find someone that I connect with, I almost want to dance! Connection is everything for me hence why I only have a small circle of close friends.

3. Introverts tend to be friends with extroverts 

This is really true for me! I think I only have one close friend that’s an introvert. Otherwise all my close friends are extroverts. It’s strange because on one hand extroverts are very outgoing so they love events and outdoor activities which drains me at times. On the other hand it’s great when you have an extrovert friend because they tend to bring you out of your shell so in this case opposite attracts! It’s almost like a balancing act.

What I’ve also noticed especially at Uni being friends with extroverts is that when I’m in the space when I need to be alone, everyone always thinks something is wrong with me. So  sometimes my friends will ask me if ‘everything is alright?’. There are two possibilities here, either I’m just thinking or I just need 20 minutes by myself to recharge.

4. Wait to text back 

I’m hiding my face right now because I’ve been doing this for a long time. Thankfully one of my close friends who’s going to read this post is always on my case about how long it takes me to reply to texts, shout to Su Su. It’s bad enough that I’m usually not the one that texts people first but it also takes me time to reply back. Once I realised how to remove the blue ticks from Whatsapp I did it without blinking an eye. The last thing that I want is for people to know when I’ve read their messages, I would  eternally be in trouble with people.

5. Better at writing 

As far as I can remember, I’ve always been better communicating through writing than speaking (in my opinion at least). So it’s a no brainer that I have a diary that I write in and I enjoy writing stories. It’s  also one of the main reasons why I loved English Literature so much all the way from GCSE to A Levels. Alhamdulilah I’m also fortunate enough to enjoy public speaking and to be good at it partly because of GCSE Drama, the years of Dale Carnegie Presentations (Thank you Miss Gibson) and the Jack Petchey Speak Out challenge. But I would choose writing over public speaking any day. Writing allows me to be reflective, imaginative and creative. It gives me solitude and an outlet to articulate my observations and reflections. So I’m going to finish on the point that Introverts tend to be good listeners and observers.

The end.

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