Today I am grateful for: My Body. 

It always shakes me to my core when I remember that the word ‘Kufr’ associated with disbelief is also closely linked with ingratitude. Kufr is not just about denying Allah’s truth it is about denying the blessings that Allah SWT has given us and ‘covering’ it up. Subhan’Allah nowadays we throw around the label ‘kufr’ or ‘kafir’ so carelessly in regards to non-believers that at times we fail to reflect on whether as Muslims we’re grateful to Allah SWT.

Iman (faith) is something that always fluctuates and two things that always increase my iman is, contemplation of death and contemplation over the things that I should be grateful to Allah SWT for. This post is inspired by a video that I saw this morning of a man who had toxic shock syndrome and had to have his legs and arms amputated.  The video documented his recovery journey and attempt to rebuild a bond with his three year old son. Videos such as these make me reflect on how grateful I should be to Allah SWT for the way that my body functions. Isn’t it so strange that we’re never conscious of this until we get ill? For example I have a tooth that I need to remove. Every once in a while when it flares up and I’m in pain, I start being more grateful for the blessing and mercy of Allah SWT that I don’t feel that pain every day. An entire lifetime of worship does not even equate to the blessing of our two eyes. Hence it is so beautiful when the Most Merciful promises us in the ayah below that if we are grateful – just a little bit – He will increase us in every area of our lives. 

And [remember] when your Lord proclaimed, ‘If you are grateful, I will surely increase you [in favor];

Surah Ibrahim 14:7


Lastly an action tip that I pray is beneficial: Before every prayer today reflect on what you’re grateful for and channel that gratitude through your Salah. May Allah SWT make us all deserving servants of his and help us on our paths to him Ameen. 

Jummah Mubarak Everyone.



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