Mental Health

Mental Health Awareness Inspiration II

This is the last post in the MHAW16 Inspiration series.

Farhia Jama 

Farhia Jama’s Youtube channel is fairly recent but arguably one of my favourites. Her YouTube videos creates awareness on issues that are sidelined or suppressed in Muslim communities. Her My Story video on depression and Silent Assassinators video which features testimonies from survivors of sexual violence is beautifully and sensitively made.

Aysha Fekaiki 

Aysha Fekaiki is the outgoing LSE Community and Welfare Officer. Throughout the year she has done incredible work in ensuring that mental health was a priority for the student union and the school. From the stress packages, De-stress festival, weekly events including yogas to the Welfare survey which had 1100 responses, Aysha’s presence and impact on campus is indescribable.

Maddy Kirkman 

I was fortunate to have been elected as an NUS delegate for LSE this year so I had the opportunity to attend the National conference in Brighton. Maddy Kirkman’s leaving speech is imprinted in my mind and the video is a testament to her strength and resilience throughout the year as the Disability Officer at NUS. It is extremely disappointing to see that an organisation like NUS doesn’t have the infrastructure to provide support especially for its liberation officers. Watch the video here Maddy Kirkman’s Leaving Speech

She writes woman 

She writes woman is one of my favourite instagram accounts right now! She writes woman is a movement of love and support for women living with mental illness(es). I love the fact that they’re giving mental illness a voice in Nigeria. You can follow their instagram account here She writes woman.



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